Choose A Paddle Wisely To Increase Your Winning Streak

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Choose A Paddle Wisely To Increase Your Winning Streak

Mere buying a sporting gear without thorough research is more like gambling since you don’t know whether you have a product according to your needs or not. Most of the time, novice and professionals who prefer to play pickleball search thoroughly over the internet about the best racket material. You can purchase for the genuine rackets which are highly durable and provide you great aid during the gameplay at Pickypickleball.

Materials with which core is made of

  • Aluminum – The cores which are made up of aluminum possess a honeycomb like structure. The material is rust resistant and rot proof. Thus, you don’t have to spend much on the frequent replacement. The metal is also very light thus it is ideal for professionals who want to spin their rackets at a perfect angle. If you prefer to get a perfect shot noise when you strike a ball then aluminum build core is the best option to play with.
  • Nomex – These also have a honeycomb structure, but they are smaller in shape and provide more durability to the racket. These are ideal for novices as they will be able to learn great balancing skills when they play with it.
  • Polymer – Core which is made up of polymer offers a light sound when the ball strikes the hitting surface. Thus, it is ideal to play in sports centers where you aren’t allowed to play with rackets which produce great noise. Polymers can withstand harsh temperatures easily thus you can also use them in outdoor areas.

Materials which are used to manufacture hitting surface

The facing of a racket is generally made up of three different materials viz. fiberglass, carbon fiber, and graphite. Carbon fiber is light in weight and it is very durable thus you will get an opportunity to give tough competition to your opponent if you play with a racket manufactured with it. In comparison to carbon fiber, fiberglass has more power and it is also highly recommended by professionals. Though the hitting surface which is constructed out of graphite doesn’t have great power but you can balance the ball with efficacy.

How to make your ball spin during a game?

Paddle without an edge

There are certain features which you should consider while choosing a paddle to play the game. It is very essential to play with a racket which doesn’t have a definite edge. This is because you will be able to get a wider area to hit the ball. It is a known fact that the ball gets more spin when you hit it far away from the center.

Elongated paddles

Moreover, if you are an experienced player then you should choose elongated paddles. There, the out-of-usual shape will provide you an added advantage and you will be able to spin the ball more easily. The elongated shape of these types of paddles will further give you more opportunity to turn the ball at your will. This process will surprise your opponent and your chances of winning the game will increase.

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